Hello & welcome to Ken & Gill’s travels in Vince – our motorhome!

Do you ever feel you’ve had enough of the day-to-day? Want to get away for a bit? Us too.

A year or two ago when a few not-so-nice things happened around us, we found ourselves thinking life is too short just to work and sleep. How lovely it would be to buy a Motorhome and go exploring. It was a fantasy at first, then we thought “Why not?”

Plans were laid – more of which are in our early posts – and April 2016 was when the adventure began. We spent four and a half months touring in Europe, blogging all the way. We've done a lot of UK touring since then while we save for our next big trip. You can view the routes we've taken on the 'Where's Vince?' page - clicking on the markers will take you to our adventures in that area. Alternatively pick a month or a category from the list and take it from there!

“We” are Ken and Gill, a Driving Instructor and a Teacher; normal folks who just want to do something a little less ordinary.

Why not join us? :)