Seville Service

22nd April 2019 4

First of all may I say thank you for all your emails and messages of sympathy for my deep-fried feet plight from our last post. [more…]

All About That Bass

16th April 2019 3

Evening all! How are you doing? Well I hope? Keep going, it’s nearly the Easter break… Today I’m going to start with a thought experiment. [more…]

Busy Doing Nothing

8th April 2019 2

How long have we been away now? 26 days? Goodness, that’s almost a month! Almost a month without so much as a sniff of a [more…]

Blinded by the Light

3rd April 2019 6

Oh, my goodness! It’s been a few days, hasn’t it? Last time we spoke we were by the beach in Motril having a few lazy [more…]


29th March 2019 4

“Hang on… Try that… No, there… Up a bit…higher… Got it! 4G at last.” It seems Vodafone ES 4G is a bit patchy down here [more…]

Madridn’t We Do Well!

25th March 2019 3

Confession time. Not so long ago, when I was a hard-working driving instructor in Telford, I used to know my way around the many roundabouts [more…]

Help the Aged

23rd March 2019 7

When we last spoke, we were in the beautiful town of San Sebastian on Wednesday. We’d been hoping for some fireworks when the bus drivers [more…]

Buenos Días Donastia

20th March 2019 0

Just for once, my prediction in our last post, of an early start and a long drive was correct – well, sort of. We were [more…]

The Meung & The Hopeless

18th March 2019 6

Love is never having to say you’re sorry, they say. Well, we love France but er… sorry! We seem to be all discombobulated by finding [more…]

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