Top of the Chartres

15th March 2019 4

You know, I often suspect that many of our readers check in just to see what sort of disaster we’ve managed to create this time. [more…]

13th March 2019 1

‘See you on the other side’ he said. ‘From Northern Spain’ he said. ‘Hopefully in the sunshine’ he said. So can anybody tell me why [more…]

And so it begins…

11th March 2019 2

…at last! I’m writing this, Vince-less and alone in the concrete wasteland of Telford Town Centre’s shopping mall. I’m trying very hard to look nonchalant [more…]

Merry Vincemas!

23rd December 2018 2

We did warn you there may be a final 2018 post if we could find a gap in all the Christmas preparation duties – and [more…]

Art for Art’s Sake

16th December 2018 3

After such an early start the day before, it was a luxury to lie in until 8.30 or so on day two. Have I mentioned [more…]

Park Life

14th December 2018 0

This is a first for me. When we travel in Vince I normally compose this drivel on my laptop or my iPad. I generally only [more…]

We’ve Got The Power! Not.

12th December 2018 1

Well I warned you… Last time out I said we might do a couple of pre-Christmas Travels Without Vince posts and here we are!  You may remember [more…]

All the leaves are brown…

6th November 2018 4

Goodness me! Was our last post really way back in the balmy days of August? As we’ve seen occasionally in some of the other motorhome travel [more…]

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