Gearing Up

3rd April 2021 7

Good afternoon all! I hope you’re well and, like us, gearing up for a little more freedom? Let us know what you’ve been up to [more…]

Lockdown Life

20th February 2021 2

Lockdown life eh..? Lockdown 1 was a step into the unknown, with silent streets and springtime walks, soda bread and miming “You’re on mute!” In front of [more…]

Visiting Time

11th December 2020 0

5pm? Visiting time at the cocktail bar, I believe. Ah, you just can’t beat watching the sun set over the River Tagus in Lisbon. Warm [more…]

All Change..!

3rd November 2020 4

Well that was emotional – we just dropped Vince off at his new home. We won’t see him now for weeks – oh no! What’s going [more…]

Sorry I Masked

8th August 2020 2

Good morning! How lovely to be sipping a post-breakfast cuppa on a  sunny Saturday morning and gazing out of the window. There’s not a breath of [more…]

Queen Victoria’s Rain

5th August 2020 0

I was just thinking; it’s been a while since we did a thought experiment, not since Portugal in fact. Right then, here we go… Can [more…]

We Will GouRock You

3rd August 2020 6

The little boy held his Daddy’s hand as he took the big step down from the train. He walked across the platform, stepping carefully on [more…]

Lost At Sea

2nd April 2020 4

Apple juice? No.Orange then. No.Cranberry? Tomato? Pineapple? No, no and no.There’s Grapefruit, but who on earth drinks grapefruit juice? Welcome to the chaos of our [more…]

A Grand Day Out

9th February 2020 2

Old age has finally caught up. I snipped out a money-saving coupon from a magazine last week even though I’m not yet of pensionable age [more…]

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