Fellow Bloggers

When we decided to buy a Vince and get travelling, we sought as much advice as we could from those who went before us. Along the way we met some amazing fellow travellers – some of whom enjoy writing about their adventures as much as we do!

Here are just a few of the friends we made, and whose travels we still follow enviously when we’re stuck at home saving for the next big adventure. If you’re travelling or preparing to take the plunge now, and writing about it – feel free to drop me a note and I’ll happily include a link here 🙂

Ourtour – the King of motorhome adventure blogs! Jay & Jules’ clear and engaging articles will tell you everything you need to know about de-cluttering, downsizing, funding and enjoying the nomadic lifestyle. They’ve been all over Europe, sailed to Morocco and have recently popped home after a grand tour of Scandinavia. At the time of writing they’ve off south again with Charlie their King Charles Spaniel. Their advice has been invaluable & they were kind enough to reply right away to our emails full of daft questions!

Kiwi Freewheelers – Stuart & Jane got in touch with us ages ago via our blog; they were in the same situation as us, buying a motorhome and setting off on a big adventure  – but with a twist. They rented out their home in New Zealand and travelled all the way to the UK to buy their camper! A shakedown trip in Blighty was followed by a year’s worth of adventures on the continent. Last seen heading for Portugal their trip winds up in the New Year.

Graeme, Sally and Bobbie – are a trio we met in the Dordogne in May in St. Léon-sur-Vézère. They’re taking a year out and funding their travels by renting out their home. Amazingly we bumped into them again weeks later in Bagnères-de-Luchon and enjoyed a tincture or two. Far fitter than Gill and I, Graeme & Sally walk, bike and hike their way round Europe. Easily recognised – they’re the ones being dragged along enthusiastically by Bobbie their gorgeous dog.

Follow Our Motorhome – We’ve swapped a few blog comments with Andi and Paul who’ve been at this travelling lark a little longer than us. Their blog is full of little tips and advice on what to take and what to leave behind. We were gripped by their predicament in June when they were stranded in Spain waiting for replacement keys for their motorhome 🙁 Fortunately all is well and they are currently at home refurbishing two flats to rent out and fund the next big adventure.

HappiHalls – Phil & Carol (if they don’t mind me saying) are where we were a year ago. About to embark on the big adventure. Their engaging blog will take you through the trials of renting out the house and buying & equipping their new motorhome. The clock is ticking as I write this and they’re due to depart any day. We’re very much looking forward to the travelogues to follow – good luck guys!

The Motoroamers are Myles and Karen. They’ve been travelling all over Europe for the last two years. They’ve covered 25,000 miles and visited 16 countries at the last count. All the way round they’ve been blogging, Facebooking and Instagramming tips and advice. They can help with understanding the financial aspects of life on the road and are bringing the trip to life with lots if video clips and photos. Not to be missed!