A quick post which er… doesn’t fit in the normal categories!

Back On The Road

7th October 2021 6

Back on the road, Day 1: “Hang on, I thought you were packing the waterproofs?” “No, that was your job.” “What about the cereal bowls – how did we [more…]

Telegram Sir!

24th June 2018 5

‘I say old thing, was that the door?’ ‘Yes dear, it’s the telegram boy with a message from that nice Mr Ketley at the BBC.’ [more…]

Vince at the BBC

3rd January 2018 8

Happy New Year! We hope you enjoyed the festivities and didn’t drink too much. Not like some people I could mention… We’re currently Vince-less in Saltaire [more…]

A Promise Kept

14th November 2017 0

Just a quickie, Matron. I’m a man of my word. In yesterday’s post I promised a few pics of the amazing coloured sandstone cliffs here [more…]

Hey – What’s Going On?

1st May 2017 7

It’s May. Article 50 has been triggered, we have a General Election booked for June and I’m sure there’s some other big news around. Oh [more…]

In the Mood

16th October 2016 6

Here we go again! We just can’t resist the urge to get Vince filled up, charged up, loaded up and head off into the sunset [more…]

Still here?

16th August 2016 8

Hello? Anyone there…? Phew…I think they’ve all gone now so it’s just you and me left. Thanks for hanging on to see how we’re dealing [more…]

Baby You’re a Firework…

14th July 2016 5

Oooooh! Aaaaaaah! Here are some of the photos I took during the Bastille Day celebrations this evening. If you look closely you’ll see they were [more…]

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