About Vince

Vince is a 2014 Auto-Sleeper Broadway FB who we bought second-hand on 1st December 2015.

After looking at dozens of different layouts we settled on a fixed-bed model rather than a drop-down bed, or one which has to be made up every night from the seats. This is Vince’s layout, with the option to make up an extra bed for the occasional visitor:layout As you can see, the front seats swivel round to give us a spacious lounge, and we feel that the fixed bed is like an extra ‘room’ for when we need to spend a bit of time apart!

Vince is very well equipped with a full size hob and oven, a large fridge and separate freezer (so there’s always ice for our cocktails!), a TV with satellite dish (a bit of a luxury fitted by the previous owner), a loo & shower as well as an external gas point for a barbecue. We were pleased to discover that we don’t have to mess about with gas cylinders as Vince has a built-in gas tank which can be refilled at any petrol station which stocks LPG 🙂 There’s a guided tour with photos here.