A Chance Encounter

30th November 2015 0

After an excellent lunch in Shrewsbury with some good friends, we were driving home to Telford past Salop Leisure when Gill suggested we pop in. We’d visited [more…]

More Choices!

26th November 2015 0

Having decided on a coachbuilt Motorhome we continued interrogating Mr Google and invested in a few magazines for price and layout guidance. We found  MMM invaluable [more…]

Choices, Choices!

26th November 2015 0

Having made the decision to clear off into the sunset, we had no idea where to start when it came to choosing a Motorhome. No [more…]

Thanks for joining us!

23rd November 2015 0

We’ve been working pretty solidly since we met at the age of 21.  Me in transport & logistics for sixteen years, followed by redundancy & [more…]