Occasionally Vince gets left at home in favour of travelling on a great big noisy smelly motorcycle. Sorry about that!

Weary Bum Rest

11th May 2017 2

Today was a day of rest for our weary bums. No bikes were started this day. A leisurely breakfast, and it has to be said [more…]

A Bridge Too Far

10th May 2017 2

Day 4: Périgueux to Millau via Rocamadour 189 miles, 4 hours 13m ride time   I have to confess I wasn’t the most popular camper [more…]

Counting Blessings

7th May 2017 3

Day 2: Tours to Périgueux via Oradour-sur-Glane 194 miles, 4 hours 15m ride time I’d like to say today dawned with bright sunshine, the birds [more…]

The Mayhem Begins

6th May 2017 1

Day 1: Telford to Portsmouth 189 miles, 3 hours ride time Cherbourg to Tours 236 miles, 3 hours 52m ride time   Whose idea was [more…]

Hey – What’s Going On?

1st May 2017 7

It’s May. Article 50 has been triggered, we have a General Election booked for June and I’m sure there’s some other big news around. Oh [more…]