It’ll cost yer guv’

31st May 2016 1

Today we’ve covered quite a few miles. More than we intended to be honest, but needs must. We have a problem with Vince’s awning where [more…]

Say Cheese!

30th May 2016 4

Did I say we were having an early night last night as we’d been stuck indoors all day? Ah well, the best laid plans and [more…]

Albi Seeing You

29th May 2016 7

Our last post ended with our arrival at Vers. I thought I’d better stop there as it was turning into a short novel.  We had [more…]


26th May 2016 2

Many apologies to anyone following us real-time as we’ve been unable to post for some days. In fact an email has flooded in from a [more…]

Phew – What a Scorcher!

22nd May 2016 1

Well, our weather prediction yesterday was spot-on. 28 degrees – scorchio! We started the day with breakfast outside for the first time this trip, then got [more…]

Eyzies come, Eyzies go…

20th May 2016 3

It’s Friday evening 20th May 2016 and we’re still dawdling through the Dordogne. After breakfast we couldn’t resist a quiet walk along the river before [more…]

Wide we do it?

15th May 2016 4

Well folks, we’re still on the Île de Ré, it’s very beautiful and covered with cycle tracks. We’ve moved on from Le Bois Plage en [more…]

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