Under The Cork Tree

29th November 2017 0

It seems like ages since we last spoke – where have you been? Do you think I’ve nothing better to do than sit here wasting [more…]

All The Old Dudes

22nd November 2017 4

Evening all! Last time we spoke we were at Salema’s Eco Camping Park, and were fully intending to stay there another day when the message [more…]

Deeply Hippie

18th November 2017 2

“No, Mr Bond. I expect you to die.” And several other annoying 007 quotes fell from my lips as we performed a cheeky inspection of [more…]


16th November 2017 11

“The church tower is the highest point in the town. Painted a dazzling white with lemon-yellow detailing on the corners and round the windows, it [more…]

A Promise Kept

14th November 2017 0

Just a quickie, Matron. I’m a man of my word. In yesterday’s post I promised a few pics of the amazing coloured sandstone cliffs here [more…]

Like A Praia

13th November 2017 1

‘Ok Helga, wir mussen form ein pincer movement hier und hier. Zat vay ve vill headen off ze Englische motorhomenkampers before zey kann reach ze [more…]

I Love Luzia

11th November 2017 3

Hello, and welcome to Saturday night at St Luzia in southern Portugal. Now, I want you all to be on your best behaviour as we [more…]

Cool for Cats

9th November 2017 2

*** WARNING – this post may contain scenes of a fat bloke in underpants. Those of a nervous disposition should look away now *** I [more…]

The Beautiful South

6th November 2017 0

We left you last time with a few images of the stunning aire at Monsaraz. I’d like to add one more, taken during the evening [more…]

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