Hello & welcome to Ken & Gill’s travels in Vince – our motorhome!

Do you ever feel you’ve had enough of the day-to-day? Want to get away for a bit? Us too.

A few years ago when some not-so-nice things were happening around us, we found ourselves thinking that life is too short just to work and sleep. How lovely would it be to buy a camper van and go exploring. It was a fantasy at first, then we thought “Why not?”

Plans were laid – more of which are in our early posts – and April 2016 was when our adventures began. We spent four and a half months touring in Europe, blogging all the way.

We've done a lot of UK & Europe touring since then, and as a result we've made some serious lifestyle changes too. Clicking on the Blog button above will take you to our latest posts, or you can view the routes we've taken on the 'Where's Vince?' page - clicking on the markers will take you to our adventures in that area. Alternatively pick a month or a category from the list and take it from there!

You can find out a little more about us by clicking on er... About Us above.

Why not join us on our travels? :)

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