New Adventures

New adventures? But what happened to the old adventures, I hear you say. Good point. Our last chat promised a final update from Spain, er… five months ago. Hands up, guilty as charged. As soon as we got home we went straight into Christmas preparations and all the catching up associated with seven weeks away. So before embarking on new adventures, here’s a quick update on how the last one finished.

Christmas bauble
They know how to do Christmas decorations in Spain!

Valladolid. Big city, bloomin’ freezing. Great Christmas market and amazing lights. From there we went to Bilbao for the ferry home. Stopped over for two nights in an aire way up high on the valley side. The views, especially at night, were incredible. Visited the Guggenheim. Sailed home. Forgot to post. Sorry.

There! If only all our posts were so concise we could all save a lot of time. But then it wouldn’t be so much fun, would it? (Well, not for me anyway :D)

Bilbao spread before us

So, on to new adventures. Since we last spoke, poor Vince has been turfed out of his lovely secure indoor storage and we’re back to a 1hr commute each way every time we want to do any maintenance or packing for future trips. As a result he hasn’t seen much action lately apart from a weekend in Wales to celebrate a big birthday with our travelling pals. Who’d have thought we’d get Gill on a zip-wire over a deep slate quarry? Certainly not me! But fair play to her, I’m ashamed to say she actually screamed less than I did.

All the gear, and no idea 😀

As I write, we’re parked up in Vince after a long drive to Canterbury park & ride. I really know how to treat a laydee, don’t I? My excuse is it’s an ideal stopping off point for the Dover-Calais ferry in the morning. We do know where we’ll be sleeping tomorrow, and for two more nights. There’s a big clue on the back of this lorry we saw on the M25 this afternoon. 

New adventures
Well it’s as good a place as any..!

But after that? With our usual intensive research and six weeks of planning down to the last detail, we er.. haven’t got a clue! Germany probably. We’ve done Spain so many times we fancied a change – and I hear it’s rather hot down there at the moment.

So as for where we finally end up – you’ll be the first to know 😉

Chat soon!


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6 Comments on New Adventures

  1. Great catch up,on the next of the trip. We stayed in an aire high up on the way to Bilbao about 20 years ago – wonder if it was the same one! It had amazing views.
    Loved the images of Gill on the zip wire, braver woman than me
    Bruges is fabulous. Look out for the chocolate shop on a street just off the main square – amazing creations of everything imaginable and some you may not want to have imagined
    Looking forward to the posts. Have a great trip.

    • Thanks Philippa! I’m sure it was the same aire – it’s been there a long time. We walked down into town but got the bus back up. There was no way we were going to climb that hill on foot.
      Thanks for the tip – there’s only one thing I like more than chocolate, and that’s *more* chocolate!

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