…and Finally

23rd December 2017 14

Finally..! The last chapter of our adventures in Portugal and Spain. Last time out, you left us on the quayside in howling wind and torrential [more…]

If I Only Had a Brain

11th December 2017 8

Would you just look at that rain running down the window. And it’s so cold too! We’re locked up in a secure compound at the [more…]

Meeting George Clooney

10th December 2017 1

So. Porto. Sorry if I got a bit carried away in my last post, but I bloomin’ love the place. Gill’s told me to shut [more…]

The Problem With Porto

7th December 2017 6

If you followed our epic four and a half month trip last year – our first trip abroad as newbie motorhomers – you might remember [more…]

Right Back At-Chã

5th December 2017 5

Oooooh can you feel that fizzing? All the little electrons flooding down Vince’s hook-up cable and barging in like four-wheel drives on the school run; [more…]

Esta Lisboa Que Eu Amo

2nd December 2017 0

Our day in Lisbon began with a quick breakfast in Vince, then we ventured beyond the campsite’s gates to look for the bus stop. Yes [more…]