Alberite de San Juan

26th October 2021 2

So here we are in Alberite de San Juan in Spain. We’ve been here approximately twenty minutes, which is all it took to explore the [more…]


20th October 2021 4

After a very wet few hours of motorway driving and nightmare city traffic, we’ve just pulled into the last motorhome space in a tiny aire [more…]

Only In France

15th October 2021 5

Only in France would you arrive at a campsite at their busiest time – early afternoon – to find that they close the barrier for [more…]

Back On The Road

7th October 2021 6

Back on the road, Day 1: “Hang on, I thought you were packing the waterproofs?” “No, that was your job.” “What about the cereal bowls – how did we [more…]