Back On The Road

Miserable wet campsite
So happy to be in a muddy, windy, rainy Scottish campsite…

Back on the road, Day 1:

“Hang on, I thought you were packing the waterproofs?”

“No, that was your job.”

“What about the cereal bowls – how did we manage to forget them? And OH MY GOD where’s the corkscrew???”

And so began what is turning out to be a very wise idea; a shakedown trip of a few days to make sure we could remember all the ins and outs of travels with our Vince. It’s surprising all the little things you forget when (for obvious reasons) you haven’t been able to travel anywhere for ages. Like how long it takes to fill Vince’s fresh water tank through the teeny tiny inlet. Or having to remember not to put the kettle on when the water heater is running. Oops! Tripped all the fuses yet again.

So why do we need a refresher trip? Simple – we gave the calendar a good shake last week and seven empty weeks fell out! It was quite a shock. We’ve had a busy summer of jobs around the new apartment and many grandparent duties (which we love of course!) That’s not to mention the Wedding of the Year in September when our younger daughter got hitched after two COVID postponements.

Seven weeks eh? What on earth shall we do with them all..? Well, the only thing fixed so far is our departure sailing, Plymouth to Roscoff in Brittany; and our homecoming sailing from Santander in Spain back to Portsmouth. In between there will be a lot of following our noses – a bit of revisiting places we know and love from previous trips – and diversions to places recommended by you lovely people and our gazillion Instagram followers. It’s a great opportunity to add even more blobs to the map on Where’s Vince!

The rough plan is a week to ten days in Brittany then we’ll scoot south for the sunshine. The COVID paperwork is onerous but manageable for France and Spain but to keep things simple we’ll probably give Portugal a miss this time round.

But getting back on the road to Europe is just over a week away. Right now we’re in a blustery and cold Scotland, camped on a farm a few minutes walk from Gill’s parents’ house. They’ve been isolating for so long that they’re understandably reluctant to have guests staying over. Staying inVince is an ideal solution, apart from feeling him rocking about in the wind as I write, that is!

This little post is just a warning of incoming waffle and mayhem as we lurch round Europe once again. If you’re a subscriber don’t worry though, I won’t be clogging your inbox with daily nonsense. Vince’s blogging machine hasn’t seen a lot of use lately so I need to change the oil and charge the battery then run it in gently with just a couple of posts a week 😉

See you on our travels soon – as always any comments, emails, travel recommendations or sweary-words will all be very welcome. We’ve missed you so much!


A little happier in the warm & dry 🙂
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  1. I had to put up with your incessant mutterings recently for just one week in a van to/from SW France poor Gill has 7 coming up !! Seriously though , thanks your help was much appreciated .Enjoy your trip , I’m sure you’ll have a great time . Meet up when you’re back , still have Gills cassis.

  2. Great to see you guys back out in the fresh air again – another sign of spring and life returning to some sort of normal. Enjoy your trip. We’ll enjoy your wanderings.

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