Breaking & Entering

29th April 2016 2

Today Vince is perched on a cliff-top on a spit of land called the Presqu’Île de Quiberon in south Brittany. As I write the rain is [more…]

Vincent Vannes Gone

28th April 2016 2

Do you see what I did there? Vince is parked up in the Flower Camping le Conleau on the outskirts of Vannes. We waved a [more…]

Redon Blues

26th April 2016 1

This morning we chose Redon in Brittany as our destination. It lies at the meeting point of the Vilaine and the Oust rivers and is [more…]

Veni, Vidi, Vitré

25th April 2016 3

As municipal campsites go, this one is a little basic with only three showers and two loos available. There are more, but we suspect the cleaners [more…]

The Place of Bo

24th April 2016 3

Vince is currently parked up for a second day at Camping Municipale de la Vée in Bagnole de l’Orne, Normandy. Before we left Arromanches we [more…]


21st April 2016 3

So where’s Vince now? After a second day in Honfleur  we now find ourselves in Arromanches-les-Bains on the coast as we make our way west [more…]

10 Nights In

21st April 2016 1

No, that heading doesn’t mean we never go out in the evening. It’s a handy number of nights away to stop and reflect on what [more…]

Gone Native

19th April 2016 3

Today finds us in the port of Honfleur, talking to you like a native Frenchman whilst sipping a pastis, France’s favourite aperitif. Made with aniseed [more…]

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