Tréhervé Nature Notes

Early morning bikercise in Tréhervé
Early morning bikercise in Tréhervé

Not much to report today, just a few nature notes as we decided to stay for a second night in our secret cove on the south coast of Brittany at Tréhervé. My morning was spent out on the bike following the coast north on a mixture of rough tracks and cycle lanes while Gill had a bit of peace and quiet for a read and a wander on the beach.

Our afternoon was spent on a long walk south along the coast through little villages and past the many oyster beds off the shore.

We were so glad that we read up on the local bird population. We spotted several seagulls, some small brown birds and some other small brown birds which were a little bit different to the first brown birds.

The book on botany also came in handy to identify the local marsh flora. We saw many dandelions, some daisies and some daisy-like flowers which were pink instead of white so they weren’t actually daisies but near enough. Gill spotted some dock leaves but I think she was just showing off.

In the evening I told Gill I was off fishing in the cove and intended to catch something for tea. Sadly that didn’t work out very well. It was the nicest frozen salmon I’ve had in a while. Aldi quality is improving all the time.

We hit the road again tomorrow, travelling a little inland to a bigger town recommended by a fellow traveller. Our next post will be from Vannes. See you there 🙂


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  1. Vannes??…. sounds promising for camper v!!! er, sorry, motor homes! Thought you might have caught a few ‘escargots’ or frogs (legs) on your nature walk along the coast. hope you’re getting some sunshine…. it’s still winter here!

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