10 Nights In

No, that heading doesn’t mean we never go out in the evening. It’s a handy number of nights away to stop and reflect on what we’ve learned and how we feel about our time away in Vince.

  • Motorhomes can be temperamental, so we no longer panic at the odd strange noise.
  • We can say “excuse me, where can I empty my used water please?” In French.
  • Battery, gas and water gauges should be treated as a rough estimate…
  • 50-55mph is actually ok.
  • Always remember to press the button to lower the step or risk a faceplant to a rousing round of applause.
  • Yes, you may have enough clothes for ten days. But try drying ten days’ worth of washing in one go. Weekly wash from now on.
  • Use campsite showers where possible rather than Vince’s lovely, but tiny broom cupboard shower.
  • It’s scary how quickly we’ve both forgotten about working for a living, although we will both be returning to work in September dammit. (This trip ain’t free you know!)
  • And we have some amazing friends and family keeping in touch with us and giving us support and ideas 🙂 Thanks everyone x
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