Adventures in France


20th May 2023 4

Well that’s quite a setting above for our next-to-last night in France! But we don’t want to hear about that yet, do we?  “No!” shouts [more…]


10th May 2023 2

We left you last time in Mimizan, enjoying the May Day celebrations. The location was so nice that we considered staying another day but… weather. [more…]


5th May 2023 0

How have you been? You might have noticed we haven’t been in touch for a few days. Well, we don’t like to bombard our subscribers [more…]


28th April 2023 2

“Wait, what..?” You’d think after 37 years of marriage (if we last until September,that is) we’d know each other so well that we’d be finishing [more…]


24th April 2023 4

“That’s it, we’re over the drain, just open the tap.” “It is open!” “It can’t be – nothing’s coming out.” And so began our next morning in [more…]

Le Crotoy

21st April 2023 10

If you’re reading this it must have worked! A week or two ago I went down to the cellar, somewhere I hadn’t been for months. [more…]


22nd July 2022 2

And finally… the sun sets on this summer’s big tour of Belgium, Germany and France. It actually set several weeks ago – ahem – but [more…]


20th October 2021 4

After a very wet few hours of motorway driving and nightmare city traffic, we’ve just pulled into the last motorhome space in a tiny aire [more…]

Only In France

15th October 2021 5

Only in France would you arrive at a campsite at their busiest time – early afternoon – to find that they close the barrier for [more…]

The Meung & The Hopeless

18th March 2019 6

Love is never having to say you’re sorry, they say. Well, we love France but er… sorry! We seem to be all discombobulated by finding [more…]

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