Adventures in France


22nd July 2022 2

And finally… the sun sets on this summer’s big tour of Belgium, Germany and France. It actually set several weeks ago – ahem – but [more…]


20th October 2021 4

After a very wet few hours of motorway driving and nightmare city traffic, we’ve just pulled into the last motorhome space in a tiny aire [more…]

Only In France

15th October 2021 5

Only in France would you arrive at a campsite at their busiest time – early afternoon – to find that they close the barrier for [more…]

The Meung & The Hopeless

18th March 2019 6

Love is never having to say you’re sorry, they say. Well, we love France but er… sorry! We seem to be all discombobulated by finding [more…]

Top of the Chartres

15th March 2019 4

You know, I often suspect that many of our readers check in just to see what sort of disaster we’ve managed to create this time. [more…]

13th March 2019 1

‘See you on the other side’ he said. ‘From Northern Spain’ he said. ‘Hopefully in the sunshine’ he said. So can anybody tell me why [more…]

Thank You Ferry Much

30th October 2016 2

“Turn left at Place du Bac, then board the ferry….” “…WHAT?” It served us right. Regular readers will be well aware of our love-hate relationship [more…]

8 Brays a Week

28th October 2016 4

When we woke in our field at Cap Hague, the breeze had blown the fog away to reveal a beautiful sunny morning for a tootle [more…]

So – Phare. So good!

26th October 2016 7

Apologies for the extended radio silence – it seems that the Cotentin Peninsula (the sticky-out bit with Cherbourg at the top) is in a dead [more…]

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