Our adventures in Spain


4th December 2021 3

I seem to be making a habit of starting these posts with a weather report. Last time it was a deserted, rainy and muddy campsite [more…]


24th November 2021 5

As I write, I’m looking out over rows and rows of waist-high hedges lining empty camping pitches. Each pitch has two or three forlorn-looking trees, [more…]

San Javier

15th November 2021 4

Our stay in San Javier was the chance for a new travelling experience. We’ve stayed on many motorhome-only sites before, of course, but this one [more…]


12th November 2021 2

Ooh it’s been a while since our last post. That’s mostly because Valencia left us speechless! It was our first time there, and what a [more…]


2nd November 2021 3

Hello! I trust this post doesn’t find you all windswept and soggy? All we’re hearing from home are tales of high winds, constant rain and [more…]

Alberite de San Juan

26th October 2021 2

So here we are in Alberite de San Juan in Spain. We’ve been here approximately twenty minutes, which is all it took to explore the [more…]

…And So It Ends

27th May 2019 4

Here we are once again, sitting in a line of motorhomes at the Port of Bilbao. There are lovely smells of cooking wafting about as [more…]

Scientificus Specificus

25th May 2019 2

It’s a strange thing having a few unexpected extra days away as a result of those Brittany Ferries problems. We’re a little directionless and kind [more…]

Déjà-vu All Over Again

23rd May 2019 8

Haha! Do you remember those innocent days way back at the beginning of March when we were setting off on this adventure? What were we [more…]

In Dénia-l

18th May 2019 2

First of all, can I apologise to all our lovely subscribers on behalf of our super-efficient, cutting-edge email bot. Cutting-edge he may be, but old [more…]

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