Our adventures in Spain

The Beautiful South

6th November 2017 0

We left you last time with a few images of the stunning aire at Monsaraz. I’d like to add one more, taken during the evening [more…]

Weir on the Way South

3rd November 2017 0

What a contrast. Warm and reasonably sunny León to warm(ish) Salamanca, and now torrentially rainy Benquerença. Yesterday morning we fought our way through the León [more…]

Things of León

1st November 2017 5

Hola! And welcome to León. After our exploration of Cabárceno on Monday we retired to the cosiness of Vince for an evening with David Attenborough [more…]


30th October 2017 5

…and with a rusty cough, a puff of smoke and a grinding of gears, Mr Ken’s steam-driven, patent pending blogging engine finally chugged back to [more…]

Rock ‘n’ Roll..!

2nd July 2016 0

Stop right there! Get a little closer to the screen…closer still… Can you smell it? The scent of cheese and a hint of garlic? Yes [more…]

Life on the Edge

30th June 2016 1

I wish I had something more interesting to say, but the lazy beach part of our tour continues! We left Barreiros on Tuesday to drive [more…]

Rattle Those Potes & Panes

12th June 2016 0

WARNING: This post may contain scenes about motorcycling. Non-bikers may wish to pop out for a cup of tea during those. Vince is currently parked [more…]

The Streets of Laredo

9th June 2016 4

After our thundery night in Laruns, we had an early start so we could get off on our next adventure. Well it would have been [more…]

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