Getting to know our new motorhome

10 Nights In

21st April 2016 1

No, that heading doesn’t mean we never go out in the evening. It’s a handy number of nights away to stop and reflect on what [more…]

Staying Connected

10th February 2016 0

This is the box of bits which will hopefully keep us in touch with the world while we’re away! Our mobiles are mid-contract and to [more…]

Weighty Matters

25th January 2016 4

“So how much does a shirt weigh? Or a shoe?” “Damned if I know” “Well how do we know if we’re overloaded….?” And thereby the [more…]

A Few Snags

10th January 2016 0

Our neighbours have been commenting on how much lighter it is now that we’re into January. I didn’t have the heart to tell them it’s [more…]

A Tight Squeeze!

1st January 2016 0

As our first stay in Vince was at the dealer’s site, we thought we could do with a trip a little further afield before the [more…]

Getting to Know Vince

3rd December 2015 2

A few days before we were due to collect Vince, our dealer called to ask if we could collect him a day earlier than planned [more…]