A Few Snags

Kite Flying!
Kite Flying!

Our neighbours have been commenting on how much lighter it is now that we’re into January. I didn’t have the heart to tell them it’s because Vince hasn’t been on our drive for a week, blocking their sunlight…

He’s been back to the dealer for his snagging service; they said to go off for a month & use him as often as possible then come back with a list of questions or faults and they’d all be sorted out for us – excellent service from Salop Leisure. Our list wasn’t very long: the battery issue was the priority, we had an occasional burning smell from the heating/hot water system, we needed a peeling decal replaced and we couldn’t find information for the correct tyre pressures.  We were waiting for a dish drainer which disappeared during Vince’s PDI and a safe key from the previous owner. Not a big list I’m sure you’ll agree.

Our battery problem is caused by having both an alarm and a tracker system fitted – we had no idea there was a tracker, but as this enables the vehicle to be recovered quickly in the event of theft we decided to have the subscription transferred to us.  It turns out the previous owner was still getting texts telling him the battery was flat! The battery shouldn’t run down when we’re travelling as we’ll be driving every day or so. If it does, we have jump leads and I believe when we’re on hook-up at a campsite or aire we can switch the charging circuit between both the leisure and vehicle batteries. To be confirmed…

The service department fitted a sump to the heating system to prevent the burning smell issue. I have no idea what that means but it seems to have worked! The more minor issues were all dealt with although I think the safe key could be a bit of a problem; we’d like to get it sorted so we can stash passports and cash while we’re abroad.

Enjoying the view at Roden
Enjoying the view at Roden

After we collected Vince we thought a nice country walk would be in order so we went off to Haughmond Hill to explore. Sadly it was heaving with families out for a Sunday afternoon stretch (and who can blame them, it’s the first dry day in…er…seems like months) so we couldn’t find space for 23 feet of motorhome.  Instead we went to Roden Nurseries where a number of elderly Kite flyers had gathered to enjoy the breeze.  Roden Nurseries operate a small caravan site so we parked up alongside it, brewed up, switched the heating on and watched the kites soaring and dipping for a while.  Very relaxing.

We have no firm plans for our next excursion yet but we will probably have a night away in a couple of weeks then a longer trip during the school half term.

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