New Adventures

23rd May 2022 6

New adventures? But what happened to the old adventures, I hear you say. Good point. Our last chat promised a final update from Spain, er… [more…]

Final Instalment

8th May 2021 2

Don’t go getting your hopes up – it’s the final instalment of this trip’s adventures, not the final instalment ever… You don’t get off that [more…]

Perfect Vision

6th May 2021 2

Well don’t say I didn’t warn you! Last time I did say I’d save the Dominic Cummings gags for this post… But eye’ll try my [more…]

Roman Ramble

2nd May 2021 0

Good afternoon, we’re just checking in for a quick update on our spring travels. Although looking out of Vince’s bleary windscreen I’d be hard pressed [more…]

Seaside Break

29th April 2021 1

Last time out I mentioned how rusty we are when it came to preparing for a seaside break with Vince. Fortunately, of the three of [more…]


25th April 2021 4

Oh my goodness – so many checklists 🙁 It’s Sunday morning, the sun is out and here we are stuck indoors writing a virtual toilet [more…]

Gearing Up

3rd April 2021 7

Good afternoon all! I hope you’re well and, like us, gearing up for a little more freedom? Let us know what you’ve been up to [more…]

Lockdown Life

20th February 2021 2

Lockdown life eh..? Lockdown 1 was a step into the unknown, with silent streets and springtime walks, soda bread and miming “You’re on mute!” In front of [more…]

Visiting Time

11th December 2020 0

5pm? Visiting time at the cocktail bar, I believe. Ah, you just can’t beat watching the sun set over the River Tagus in Lisbon. Warm [more…]

All Change..!

3rd November 2020 4

Well that was emotional – we just dropped Vince off at his new home. We won’t see him now for weeks – oh no! What’s going [more…]

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