About Us

We are Ken and Gill, ordinary folks who wanted to do something a little less ordinary.

Gill is a recently-taken-early-retirement teacher who’s worked bloomin’ hard since her career began in Edinburgh. For many years she has been juggling work with raising two lovely daughters who have recently flown the nest and who are (hurrah!) financially independent at last.

I’m Ken, a former self-employed driving instructor for twelve years following a management career in transport & logistics which also began in Edinburgh. Now semi-retired, doing part time work on a caravan park in SW Scotland I can find more time for travels, if only there wasn’t so much DIY to be done…

When we started this adventure we were living in Shropshire, and thought we’d dive headlong into motorhoming, without hiring one first to test the waters.  The idea was to take four months off in summer 2016 to tour our favourite places in France & Spain, then after that..? Who knew?! All our first steps up the steep learning curve are here in our early posts – those with lots of stamina can follow the adventure right up to where we are now – maybe a little less ordinary folks; sold up, moved to a new area, downsized and doing non-stop DIY between excursions in the Vincinator, eeek! It was all his fault guv’ 😀

We love to hear from our browsers and subscribers so feel free to comment on any of our posts. You can find us on Instagram at @vincentvan_gone or contact us direct at ken@vincentvangone.co.uk

Ordinary Folks