Vincent Vannes Gone

Vannes port area
Vannes port area.

Do you see what I did there? Vince is parked up in the Flower Camping le Conleau on the outskirts of Vannes. We waved a sad goodbye to our secret cove at Tréhervé this morning as we were in dire need of water and an electricty top-up. It was only a short drive here, less than an hour so we were installed on our pitch before lunch with every socket busy charging phones, iPads and the laptop. We got the washing going while we had a sandwich and our smalls are waving in the breeze as I write this.

Vannes is the biggest city in the area, another place which grew around a medieval walled town with a cathedral at its heart. Our campsite is a little out of town so we did a little investigating and took a bus into the centre. A bus! I think the last time I was on a bus was 1987. A quick ten-minute journey had us in the centre where we wandered round the the port and the old quarter admiring yet more half-timbered houses squashed together. The cathedral was spectacular both outside and in, we were lucky enough to stumble inside during a choir practice. The huge pipe organ and the echoing acoustics made it a special experience.

Vannes Cathedral is shoehorned in among the old houses.
Vannes Cathedral is shoe-horned in among the old houses. And if you click on the pic you’ll see the world’s skinniest man under the Tabac sign!

At one end of the cathedral was an absolutely amazing display; a series of eight boards depicting world history from the birth of Christ to the present day. There were timelines listing every pope, every emperor of Rome, saints, martyrs and more secular points of historic interest such as the birth of Elvis and the first man on the moon! It kept us fascinated for ages looking (vainly!) at the things which were going on around the time we were born, and around our children’s birth dates.

Proof! Actual bus tickets used on an actual bus journey.
Proof! Actual bus tickets used on an actual bus journey.

After our short bus journey back to the camp site I’m afraid to admit that neither of us really felt like cooking so we ordered the world’s most expensive burger & chips from the little snack bar on the site – I feel so dirty, but boy it was tasty! Back to healthy cycle rides and salad tomorrow, promise…

image image

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  1. You youngsters make me chuckle – bus tickets are the best, especially when you don’t have to pay! One day you will find out!

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