Veni, Vidi, Vitré

As municipal campsites go, this one is a little basic with only three showers and two loos available. There are more, but we suspect the cleaners have locked a few to save on cleaning until the season gets into full swing… We’re in Vitré, about two hours south-west of our last stop. Vitré is described as one of the best preserved medieval towns in Brittany so we must have left Normandy somewhere along the way.

The old town reminds us of Chester or Shrewsbury but with a bit more panache 😉 To get there we had to walk about 1½ miles from the campsite – this seems to be an area with very few places to stay. It was worth it for the higgledy-piggledy streets with half timbered houses leaning at crazy angles.

Vitré Streets
I don’t think we’d get Vince down there!

Being Monday, and being France, practically everything was closed of course. We did manage to get into the cathedral (no photos allowed) but best of all we saw our first ‘proper’ chateau. It has pointy turrets and everything! Built at the beginning of the 15th century the Chateau de Vitré is a triangular shape to mirror the rock platform on which it stands. The first baroness to live there apparently insisted on having a steam room built, and installed a wooden walkway between the castle and the church so she wouldn’t have to mix with the peasants.

These two peasants have decided they don’t much fancy another three mile round trip this evening or tomorrow so we’ll be up with the alouette in the morning and heading even further south-west towards Brittany’s southern coast.

We still have no satellite reception but this site does have free wifi – we had to move Vince to get a signal but it looks like we’re good for Netflix again this evening! And as a quick PS you can click or tap on any of our blog photos for a bigger version if you want more detail. See you tomorrow 🙂


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  1. Pah !!Shrewbury , or Strawberry, as a famous Belgian footballer called it , ees not lacking in zee panache ! I’ll let you know Monsieur Kennee it as beaucoup de panache !! Pah encore !

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