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We’ve been working pretty solidly since we met at the age of 21.  Me in transport & logistics for sixteen years, followed by redundancy & training to be a Driving Instructor.  I’ve taught hundreds of folks to drive over the last twelve years,  running my own Driving School. Gill has taught Design Technology all that time, in Scotland, and most recently in the Midlands.

Last year we had a bit of a busy summer when my business partner had a nasty accident resulting in hospitalisation swiftly followed by Gill breaking her ankle on holiday!  Gill’s lengthy recuperation gave us time to evaluate where we were, and what we wanted out of life.  Our kids are grown and in good jobs, thankfully no longer financially dependent on us, and good old George Osborne has loosened the pension strings…

We had a think.  We both love to travel.  We like each others’ company. “Why not buy a Motorhome and clear off?”  We thought.

So we will!

Our next few posts are a snapshot of our thoughts and actions over the last few months, and will describe what we’ve been doing since we made that decision. Then we hope to take you forward with us in real time following the delivery of Vince in December.  Please stay for the adventure 🙂

About Ken Tomlinson 219 Articles
Semi-retired biker, blogger and world’s best grandad. Doesn’t take life too seriously. Discovered motorhoming in 2015, sold up and downsized to fund more travels. Now with added Yorkshire.

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