Narrowing Down the Choices

As we are going to be in each others’ company for over four months we decided that a fixed bed model would give us a tiny bit of extra space if either of us wanted to relax or snooze while the other got on with cooking or reading or er…blogging.

One of our local dealers had a great offer on a Roller Team fixed bed model, an Auto-Roller 694 – the Italian influence was very clear in its sleekly designed dinette and kitchen. We liked the Chausson 625 too, very similar to the 610 but with a fixed bed rather than the drop-down version.  Neither of these had quite the feel we were looking for but we were getting warmer. Fixed bed models tend to have smaller bathrooms and less storage space.  The storage issue can be resolved by getting a slightly longer van for more lockers and cubby-holes and who on earth wants to spend their holiday in the bathroom?!

These last few posts are a quick summary of what actually took several months of research and indecision until just by chance, we bumped into Vince in September 2015. Then things got decidedly real!

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