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Having decided on a coachbuilt Motorhome we continued interrogating Mr Google and invested in a few magazines for price and layout guidance. We found  MMM invaluable for clear explanations and advice including links to YouTube to see guides and reviews of the most popular vehicles.

Again, there is a bewildering array of layouts to choose from so some serious analysis of our requirements was in order.  Initially we felt a shortish van for ease of driving would fit the bill, but we found that they had little storage space and tended to have drop down or overcab beds.  We ruled out overcab beds early on – we found them claustrophobic and kind of ugly from the front.

Chausson 610
2015 Motorhome of the Year: Chausson 610

The first van we thought might fit the bill was 2015’s Motorhome of the Year: the Chausson 610 – this new design has a massive bathroom and huge ‘garage’ at the rear for bicycles etc. and a very clean, European feel to the living area.  Space is maximised by having the bed drop down electrically from the ceiling!


610 internal layout
Internal layout

We tried one or two for size, and even negotiated heavily on one.  After some reflection however, the fact that the bed drops down over the sitting area making it unusable, put us off.  There will be times when one of us wants to hit the sack while the other might want to sit up for a bit with a book or a glass of wine.  This layout means bedtime really would be bedtime for both of us.  We put our thinking caps on to come up with something which would suit us better.

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