Telegram Sir!

‘I say old thing, was that the door?’

‘Yes dear, it’s the telegram boy with a message from that nice Mr Ketley at the BBC.’

‘Jolly good! And what does he have to say..?’

‘Well apparently..blah blah, jet stream…blah-di-blah warm front…etc. etc. so it might be good weather for a spin in the old motor caravan, what?’

‘What a spiffing idea! Tell you what, old fruit – I have to pop across the border to do some business in Carlisle tomorrow but what say we give the big fella’s crank handle a good whirl on Tuesday and have a bit of an explore..?’

‘That sounds perfect my sweet, plenty of time for me to make some cucumber sandwiches and pack the hamper.’

‘I dare say I could find time to knock out a para or two for our lovely subscribers over my evening pipe and G&T too. Bung the little lad a ha’penny for his trouble, there’s a good girl.’

Watch this space 😀

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Semi-retired biker, blogger and world’s best grandad. Doesn’t take life too seriously. Discovered motorhoming in 2015, sold up and downsized to fund more travels. Now with added Yorkshire.

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