A quick post which er… doesn’t fit in the normal categories!

10 Nights In

21st April 2016 1

No, that heading doesn’t mean we never go out in the evening. It’s a handy number of nights away to stop and reflect on what [more…]

Climbing the Hump

3rd April 2016 6

Last year I read a post by our favourite travellers Jay & Jules which described ‘The Hump’ – their way of describing the sometimes negative feelings & doubts [more…]

Amazon Bonanzanon!

7th March 2016 1

Only five weeks to departure – eek! This weekend we put all our dozens of lists together to see where we are with our preparations [more…]

It’s Really Happening!

2nd January 2016 0

Oh my goodness, we’ve only been and went and gone and done it! Our ferry is booked for mid-April. Sooooo much to do before then. [more…]

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