Vince at the BBC

The world’s happiest camper! Those filling and emptying jobs still have to be done – even in the snow 🙁

Happy New Year!

We hope you enjoyed the festivities and didn’t drink too much. Not like some people I could mention…

We’re currently Vince-less in Saltaire while we house and cat-sit for our daughter and her husband who are jetting off to the sunshine on a belated honeymoon. They’ve been working so hard that they didn’t have time for a proper break after their wedding so they’re making up for it now.

I must confess that after eight or nine weeks in the van it’s rather nice to be able to stretch out a bit in a proper house. The down-side is that we’ve come back to a huge pile of letters and bills which were redirected from our old address. Being homeless can be a pain! We’re hoping the housing market will pick up a bit soon so that we can find a new place to put down roots. But if it doesn’t, maybe Greece for the next Vince-a-thon..? We’ll have a think and let you know.

Meantime, I thought I’d attach this clip from BBC Radio 5. On New Year’s Eve they were asking about folks’ memories of 2017 and some idiot texted in from a remote farm in Scotland… Just click the play button to hear the clip. Enjoy! 🙂


Frosty walk around Loch Leven in Fife
Disused jetty on the loch
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8 Comments on Vince at the BBC

  1. Love the radio clip! Definitely hit the jealousy button there didn’t you!
    Happy New Year and I’m sure the right house will appear in time. Enjoy!

  2. Happy new year both xxx sending love and best wishes from windy Shropshire! (It must be all the sprouts consumed over the Christmas holidays )

    • Haha! Happy New Year to you all too. We all sat around the iPad earlier to look at the FB photos of Jo & Dave’s wedding. It looked like you all had a wonderful day 🙂 But what has Roger done to his hair..? 😀

      We’re back in Shropshire mid-Feb so hopefully we can get a catch-up in somewhere along the way xxx

  3. That’s a big responsibility being role models, better make sure you continue to live up to that accolade !

    Happy New Year Ken and Gill

    Phil and Carol

    • Don’t worry Helen, he’s used to it. Sometimes he’s a motorhome, sometimes just ‘the van’ & quite often he’s called something I can’t print here as we have some very young readers…! 😀

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