Visits to European war sites

So – Phare. So good!

26th October 2016 7

Apologies for the extended radio silence – it seems that the Cotentin Peninsula (the sticky-out bit with Cherbourg at the top) is in a dead [more…]

To Puy or not to Puy

14th July 2016 0

See? I told you it was a bit spooky – imagine how it looked in the dark. Fortunately the stealthy footsteps we heard were only the [more…]

Tide Down in Saint-Malo

8th May 2016 11

Our Saint-Malo visit concluded with the highest Spring Tide of the year last night at 8.40pm. Again, it was a little undramatic but hopefully the [more…]

Extra Wipers

14th April 2016 9

Firstly – thanks everyone for your comments on our recent posts 🙂 It’s good to know somebody actually reads this drivel. Keep ’em coming, and [more…]

We will remember them

13th April 2016 2

Vince is currently enjoying a full-fat electric hook-up in Camping Jeugstadion in Ypres, Belgium. In Canterbury we spent the night on battery power which was a [more…]