It’s the simple things!

Vince in Canterbury

This morning finds us parked up in a motor home only section of Canterbury’s Park & Ride just outside the city. What a find! We saved ourselves from having to get up at ohmygod o’clock to catch the ferry, by leaving yesterday afternoon and camping here. We’re only twenty miles from Dover so it’s an easy run to the port.

Our departure from home was a bit more rushed than we intended as I had a driving test with one of my students (he passed!) but then my learner car developed a fault which needed sorting. We’d been packing Vince bit by bit for days but we seem to have left a few last-minute things behind. There’s no trace of my shaver this morning, nor Gill’s expensive conditioner, d’oh! I’m sure they sell conditioner in France so that’s not a problem, and I’ll just come back with a trendy hipster beard I guess!

We noticed this morning that the fridge door was ajar so it had been going full tilt all night. It wouldn’t seem to stay shut when we pushed it closed so while I pontificated about the van being on a slope and deforming the shape of the fridge thereby preventing closure blah blah, Gill took a loaf out, turned it round and…the door closes perfectly. Sometimes it’s the simple things.

Our ferry awaits so we’ll see you later 🙂


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