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Sometimes it feels like we have a two-for-one holiday going on here. We can start the day in one place, in one kind of weather, then finish somewhere totally different with a complete change of climate. Today has been such a day.

In Messac this morning it was absolutely lashing down with rain so we quickly serviced Vince with fresh water and emptied the waste tank then hit the road via the boulangerie for our daily baguette. Originally we wanted to head for Nantes but the forecast for tomorrow is more rain. The things we want to see there are all outdoors so we thought we’d have a diversion today and do our travelling to Nantes in the rain tomorrow for (hopefully) a sunny Wednesday.

We’ve therefore headed south-west into the Guérande region, aiming for the Pointe du Croisic. This region is known for its salt pans dating back to Roman times where the incoming tide floods the low-lying ground then the hot sun evaporates the seawater to leave piles of sea-salt to be harvested. We had a quick trundle through La Baule, the most well-known tourist spot in the area.

The coastal path around the headland.
The coastal path around the headland.

In a complete contrast to Messac, the sun was shining here so after parking up we walked the coastal path round the headland and came back across the peninsula through the town. It was a lot longer walk than we intended so we were dying of thirst and very tired when we got back to Vince. Purely in the interests of rehydration we were forced to walk over to the cliffs to enjoy a glass of wine and a beer and watch the sun set while the crickets chirped all around us.

This is one of those Aires with not much around it but is a lovely place to stay and go to sleep listening to the waves through Vince’s open skylights. Night all! 🙂

Walking across this crossing from Vince's parking spot...
Walking across this crossing from Vince’s parking spot…
...leads to this!
…leads to this! Note bag lady on bench with wine – shocking..!


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