Get Me To The Chirk On Time

Top Tip: To avoid inadvertently constructing a paddling pool in the bathroom, ensure the drain plug is securely inserted in the toilet flush tank. D’OH!

The light at the end of the tunnel is a barge emerging from the Chirk Tunnel.

We decided this morning to have a spur-of-the-moment weekend trip in Vince, and as I stood beside him filling the flush tank from a watering can I did that thing. That thing where you see gallons of water flowing down the intake tube and thinking, did I..? Did I put the little rubber stopper in after our Christmas trip..? Surely I did..? I didn’t. This was made clear to me by the damp feeling in my shoes and the pink water leaking out under Vince’s rear bumper. It didn’t seem too much at first, but that was because most of it was leaking into the bathroom inside eek!
After much mopping, and leaving the carpet hanging over the bath in the house to dry while we’re away, I filled the tank with the stopper in place this time and we set off for the shortish drive to a Caravan Club site in Chirk. We didn’t want to go too far as we plan only to stay for tonight just for a quick break.

Poor old Vince is getting used to damp internals after our Christmas disaster  – this time however it was totally my own fault. Our long-suffering dealer has fixed the leaky sink drain pipe under warranty so stupidity aside, we have a fully-functioning Vince once more.

Snowdrops blooming in January. January!

We’re not the biggest fans of Caravan Club sites as they tend to be a bit regimented (you MUST park with your nearside rear corner in line with the peg on pain of death) and can be pricey. This one isn’t too bad at £15.90 for the night but all the water taps are frozen so we have to trek to the shower block for fresh water. Not a major problem as we have a 40 litre Aquaroll (like a barrel with a handle to roll it along) so two trips should see us through.

The village of Chirk is quite pretty, this afternoon we had a two mile wander along quiet roads to the Poacher’s Pocket pub for a beer or two, then strolled the two miles back along the canal towpath. There wasn’t much activity on the canal but there were some lovely cottages backing on to the water. It must be delightful to live there in the summer when all the surrounding woodland comes to life. At the moment the woods are dark and damp and full of mist.

As I type, our evening meal prep is in full swing so I shall just check if the sun is over the yardarm, then pour myself a little aperitif, and maybe peel a vegetable or two. It’ll be a cosy night in for us with a DVD and a glass of wine. In the morning if it’s dry we’ll take another wander along the canal in the other direction before packing up and heading home after a quick but welcome break – I hope you have just as enjoyable a weekend. See you next time 🙂

***Sunday morning edit*** SNOW!!
Welcome to England… not a sentiment in the news much these days, sadly.
You can’t beat a fried egg muffin after pitching up in sub-zero weather!
Views of Chirk Viaduct, over 200 years old.

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    • Spot on Phil – although in the end we said stuff it and stayed another night! Good to see you’ve got the house sorted… not long until you’re on your travels 🙂

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